Large Estate Auction – Indian Artifacts, Pottery, Weapons, Art, Crocks, Furniture, Glassware

November 5, 10:00 am, 2018

Sale Site: Trotter Event Center, 127 Trotter Ave, Ord, NE


You don't want to miss this estate auction. Selling a lifetime collection of unique and extraordinary pieces including Indian artifacts, peace pipe, ceremonial attire, weapons, rugs, beaded bags, baskets and pottery, also Redwing crocks, Lawyer's cabinet, cookie jars, antique toys and SO much more.

Indian Artifacts: Lot 1. Crow Pipe-William R Gould collection. Lot 2. Havasupai Coiled Basket Tray. Lot 3. Hopi Wicker Tray Basket. Lot 4. Penobscot Basket. Lot 5. Jicarilla Basket. Lot 6. Large Round Basket. Lot 7. Chuilla Mission Basket. Lot 8. Apache Olla. Lot 9. Victorville Basket Lot 10. Jicarilla Apache Basket Bowl. Lot 11. Kiowa Belt Drop. Lot 12. Western Apache Bowl. Lot 13. Basket w/Lid. Lot 14. Papago Indian Basket. Lot 15. Salish Basket. Lot 16 Papago Lidded Storage Basket. Lot 17. Creek Indian Pine Needle Basket. Lot 18. Klikitat Berry Basket. Lot 19 Shoshone-Paiute Basket. Lot 20. Quinault Basket. Lot 21 Vokut Basket. Lot 22. Mescalero Apache Parflech Water Jug. Lot 23. Northwest Coast Salish Tray. Lot 24. Jicarilla Apache Basket. Lot 25. Large Basket w/Black Markings. Lot 26. Yokut Cooking Basket. Lot 27 Sioux-Child in Baby Blanket. Lot 28. Kachina Doll. Lot 29. Chippewa Wild Rice Blanket. Lot 30. Mission Basket. Lot 31. Hopi Wedding Basket Tray. Lot 32. Bear Claw Necklace. Lot 33. Hopi Serving Basket Tray. Lot 34. Serving Tray Basket w/Handles. Lot 35. Old C1900 Pima (bad rim). Lot 36. Handled Basket. Lot 37. Algonkin Split Ash Cradle. Lot 38. Large Basket w/ Handle. Lot 39. Paiute Basket. Lot 40. Nez Perce Cornhusk Bag. Lot 41. 2 Birds Basket. Lot 42. Queets-Quinault Basketry Bowl. Lot 43. Mission Basket. Lot 44. Mescalero Apache Basket-Bowl. Lot 45. Mescalero Apache Star Basket Tray. Lot 46. Chumash Basket. Lot 47. Yakima Sally Bag. Lot 48. Nez Perce Gauntlets. Lot 49. Crow Flap Bag. Lot 50. Sioux Horsehide Hand Drum. Lot 51. Walapai Basket /w Black Lines. Lot 52. Walapai Burden Basket. Lot 53. Coin Basket.Lot 54. Pima C1900 (Very old with tight weave). Lot 55. Papago Indian Basket. Lot 56. California Mission Basket. Lot 57. Walapi Twinded Bowl. Lot 58. Pine Needle Hat Creek California Indian Baskets. Lot 59. Dark Brown Basket. Lot 60. Small Basket w/Black Marks on Bottom. Lot 61. Kwakitul Cedar Bark Basket. Lot 62. Karok Womans’s Hat. Lot 63. Pima 8” Tray. Lot 64. Gabrielino Mission Basket. Lot 65. Beaded Basket in Case. Lot 66. Small Basket. Lot 67. Pueblo Cottonwood Drum. Lot 68. Tlingit Basket. Lot 69. Basket. Lot 70. Kiowa Child’s Belt. Lot 71. Chitimacha River cane Basket. 72. Sioux Indian Gambling Basket. Lot 73. Ancient Papago Utility Baskets (3). Lot 74. Apache Ceremony Cradleboard. Lot 75. Large Basket. Lot 76. Hupa Burden Basket. Lot 77. Basket. Lot 78. Hope Coiled Basket. Lot 79. Pawnee Buffalo Hide Teepee Bag. Lot 80. Salish Cradle. Lot 81 Washo Indian Basket. Lot 82 Tlingit Berry Basket. Lot 83. Washo Basket. Lot 84. Papago Coiled Basket-Bowl. Lot 85. Basket. Lot 86. Basket w/Lid. Lot 87. Hat Creek Basketry Bowl. Lot 88. Klamath Gathering Basket. Lot 89. Pomo Basket. Lot 90. Quinault Reed Doll. Lot 91. Old Hopi Wicker Basket. Lot 92. Bells on Belt. Lot 93. Hopi Coiled Bundle Belt. Lot 94. Yakima Loop Rim Basket. Lot 95. Jicarilla Apache Coiled Basket. Lot 96. Jemez Pueblo Ring Basket. Lot 97. Apache Medicine Bag. Lot 98. Menominee Burden Basket. Lot 99 Plateau Cradleboard. Lot 100-Lot 103. Baskets. Lot 104. Sarcee Indian Jingle Dress. Lot 105. Ceremonial Basket. Lot 106. Menomineee Basket w/Lid. Lot 107. Basket. Lot 108. Old Huron Birch & Quill Basket. Lot 109. Birch Wood 1910. Lot 110. Iroquois Lidded Basket. Lot 111. Old Micmac Birch & Quill Basket. Lot 112. Lace Basket. Lot 113. Basket. Lot 114. Algonkin Lidded Quilled Basket. Lot 115. Multi Colored Plate Style Basket. Lot 116. Cradle Basket. Lot 117. Small Light Basket. Lot 118. Coin Basket.

Pottery: Lot. 126. Roberta Youvella Silas Laguna Hopi Pottery. Lot 127. Nyuazzi Medicine Man. Lot 128. 1931 Mida Tajoya (Daughter of Christiana St. Clara & Victor Naranjo). Lot 129. Acoma Frances Coarcho. Lot 130. 1984 Salako David Kootswaeyya. Lot 131. Hangie Tafoya Jemez. Lot 132. Marie E. Cori Publo Santa Diango. Lot 133. Fannie L. Polacca. Lot 134. ’89 Pottery. Lot 135. Ditootsie-Hopi Intricate Kachina Design Pot (Rare White Clay). Lot 136. Tom Polacca. Lot 137. Certificate of Authenticity-Acoma Pottery. Lot 138. Unusual Hand Coiled Traditional Pot. Lot 139. Acoma NM Pueblo Pottery. Lot 140. M. Edna Conz Santo Domino Pueblo NE 12/76. Lot 141. Emma Naha. Lot 142. V. Dewakuku Hopi First Mesa. Lot 143. Delmar Polacca. Lot 144. Black Vase. Lot 145. Rose Chino Garcia Acoma NM. Lot 146. Small Pottery Bowl. Lot 147. Large Pottery Bowl. Lot 148. J. Lono Acoma NM. Lot 149. Maria the Pottery Maker. Lot 150. 3 Bird Pot. Lot 151. Julia Royal. Lot 152. Hopi Pottery. Lot 153. Clara Santa Pueblo. Lot 154. Santa Domingo Olla. Lot 155. Old Brown Jug. Lot 156. Jemesa. Lot 157. Pueblo Santa Domingo Jar. Lot 158. Hopi Pottery Seed Jar. Lot 159. Hopi Indian Water Canteen. Lot 160. Unknown Hopi Pottery. Lot 161. Unknown Hopi Pottery. Lot 162. Dextra Qootskuyva.

Weapons, Accessories & Art: Lot 163. Stone Ax Head. Lot 164. Knife- Brass Studded in Sheath. Lot 165. Cheyenne Tobacco Bag. Lot 166. Sioux Youth Beaded Vest. Lot 167. Bone Necklace w/Pennies-Pawnee Bill Breast Plate. Lot 168. Lakota Woman’s Buckskin Bag. Lot 169. Sioux Drum & Beater. Lot 170. Sioux War Shirt. Lot 171. Muriel Hannah Picture. Lot 172. Bow & Arrow. Lot 173. Hopi Child’s Dress & Matching Doll. Lot 174. Indian Bareback Saddle from the “Searches”. Lot 175. Blackfoot Parfleche. Lot 176. Chief Joseph Picture. 1832-1904. Lot 177. Arrowhead Collection in Frame. Lot 178. Sioux Stone Club Head. Lot 179. Hones Indian Prayer Sculpture. Lot 180. Sioux Stone Club. Lot 181. Sioux Stone Club. Lot 182. Greg Johnson Sculpture. Lot 183. 2 Patinas. Lot 184. Nez Perce Plateau Dress. Lot 185. Bag. Lot 186. Model 1890 Winchester 22 WRF. Lot 187. Gun Case (one tab broken) Size 95526. Lot 188. Acoma NM LC/CC Pottery. Lot 189. Pueble Pottery. Lot 190 Vinessa Vail Navajo-2 Holed Pottery. Lot 191. Southwest Coast Cedar Carving. Lot 192. Old Bone Hide Scraping Tools. Lot 193. Maliseet Squaw Rattle. Lot 194. Hide Scraper. Lot 195. Northwest Coast Handle Ax. Lot 196. Northwest Coast Cedar Headband. Lot 197. Shoes. Lot 198. Bull Whip. Lot 199-208. Pottery. Lot 209 Volcanic Ash Bowl. Lot 210. Ute Headband. Lot 211. Sioux Pipe and Quilled Stem. Lot 212. Sioux Pipe Bag. Lot 213. Beaded Bag. Lot 214. Club. Lot 215. Sioux Indian Strike a Light. Lot 216. Arrowheads. Lot 217. Casas Grande Effigy Vessel. Lot 218. Sinagua Bowl & Ladle. Lot 219. Pipe & Bag. Lot 220. Knife & Sheath. Lot 221. Mustang Drum. Lot 222. Hair Roach. Lot 223 Beaded Knives. Lot 224. Beaded Bag. Lot 225. Doll in Case. Lot 226. Kiowa Horse Thief Medicine. Lot 227. Moccasins. Lot 228. Sioux Indian Grouse Bustle. Lot 229. Sioux Blanket Gun. Lot 230. Sioux Horse Hobble. Lot 231.Very Old Crow Knife & Sheath. Lot 232. Old Navajo Indian Cooking Pot. Lot 233. US Revolver 38 Cal. w/Case. Lot 234. Trade Beads. Lot 235. Bows & Arrows. Lot 237.Green River Knife & Sheath. Lot 238 Old trade Spike Ax w/Oak Handle. Lot 239. Heart Shaped Tomahawk. Lot 240. Bear Claw Necklace. Lot 241. Indian Spear Head. Lot 242. Sash-Conchita New Mexico. Lot 243. Genoa Neb. Indian School Spoon. Lot 244. Sterling & Turquoise Knife & Sheath. Lot 245. Gourd Rattles. Lot 246. Indian Rock Club. Lot 247. Old Hopi Coyote Mask. Lot 248. Dance Shield. Lot 249 Decorative Brass & Leather Tomahawk. Lot 250. Kiowa Dance Drum. Lot 251. Beaded Wrist Bands. Lot 252. Sioux Plains Seed Strike A Lite Bag. Lot 253. Beaded Buckskin Bag. Lot 254. Quilled & Beaded Buckle. Lot 255. Apache/Kiowa Ceremonial Belt. Lot 256. Sioux Rawhide Dance Rattle. Lot 257. Stomach Bag. Lot 258. Beaded Indian Knife. Lot 259. Bended Club Hatchet. Lot 260. Sioux Spiked Ax. Lot 261. Lady Pipe Hatchet. Lot 262. Lewis & Clark Trade Beads. Lot 263. Early North West Shell Bead Necklace. Lot 264. Stone Buffalo Pipe. Lot 265. Crow Knife & Sheath. Lot 266. Old Sioux Knife w/Sheath. Lot 267. Antler Handle Knife w/Sheath. Lot 268. Quilled Medicine Pouch. Lot 269. Sioux Cloth Lined Gloves. Lot 270. Canadian Athabascan Gloves. Lot 271. Beaded Knife Sheath & Belt. Lot 272. Ancient Indian Strung Necklace. Lot 273. Sioux Strike A Lite Bag. Lot 274. Arapahoe Strike A Lite. Lot 275. Black Foot Beaded Paint Pouch. Lot 276. Beaded Indian Woodland Bag. Lot 277. Beaded Small Pouch. Lot 278. Crow Amulet. Lot 279 Sioux Wrapped War Club. Lot 280. Hogup Cave Find Basket 6400 B.C. Lot 281. Hopi Find Cordage Rope. Lot 282. Beaded Tobacco Pouch. Lot 283. Otter Fur Turban. Lot 284. Seminole Indian Dress & Sash.

Furniture: Beveled Glass Mirrored Buffet. Curved Glass China Hutch. 2 & 4 Door Lawyers Cabinets. Burl wood Solid China Hutch. Lions Head Captain’s Chair. Needle Point Foot Stool. Drop Leaf Lawyer Cabinet. Drop Leaf Oak Table. Harp Mirror Dresser. Chest of Drawers w/Oval Mirror. Chest of Drawers. Pineapple China Hutch. Marble Top Commode. 3 Drawer Lawyer Cabinet w/Stand. Commode Cabinet. Ornate Inlayed & Carved Table. Wine Rack.

Crocks, Glassware & Other Collectibles: 20 lb. Crock, #6 & #4 Salt Crocks. #30 Redwing w/Handles. #2, #4, #4, #6, #5, Churns w/Lids & Dashers. #3 and #2 Elephant Ear Crocks, #3 and #6 Water Cooler Crocks all Redwing. Redwing Beater Jars. Spongeware Crock Bowls. #5 Western, #5 Waconda Jug. #8 Red Wing w/Handles, #5 Jar w/ Hardware. Advertising Crocks. Orange Glazed 5 lb. Bailed Grease Jar. Daisy Churn. Run Easy Wood Butter Churn. Green Glass Cookie Jar. Covered Wagon Cookie Jar. Puss & Boots Cookie Jar. Upside-Down Panda Cookie Jar Plus Many More. Large Collection of Green, Yellow and Pink Depression Glassware. Large Collection Green Jadite. Red Wing Double Blue Ring Jar. Metal & Wood Coffee Grinder. Very Large Red Wing Jar Collection. Blue Granite Cowboy Coffee Pot. Leather Cradle, Salesman Sad Irons. Straight Blades. Antique Toys. Old Carved House Tricycle. Kaleidoscope. Wood Horse Pull Toy. Very Large Collection of Indian Rugs. Hall Red and Orange Poppy dinnerware collection. Yellow & Green Corn King Shawnee pottery. FireKing Peach Pattern. New York Silver & Co. Cast Hand Press.

Terms: Cash or good check day of auction. Photo ID required when registering for a bidder number. Everything sold in an as-is condition. Seller or agents of sale not responsible for theft or accidents before, during or after the auction.

Firearms Purchasers: Wolf Inc. Auction & Real Estate requires that all purchasers must have in their possession the day of the auction, either a current Nebraska Firearm Purchase Certificate, Concealed Handgun Permit or a Federal Firearms License.

Lodging: Cobblestone Inn 308-728-5122, Airport Motel 308-728-3649

Lunch: Provided by Jubilee Events & Catering

Steve Wolf, Ben Hoepker & Jace McKay, Auctioneers

Sellers: Gordon & Mary Beth Parker Estate

Additional Documents

Sale Bill

Sale Bill